Senior Adviser, Land Management and Biodiversity, JNCC

15th December 2020


Salary : £35,879, Term : Permanent, Location: These posts will have a base in Peterborough. Under current circumstances we can be flexible around remote working options until such time that we are able to return to the office.

Role title: Senior Adviser, Land Management and Biodiversity

Organisation: JNCC

Closing Date: 11/01/2021

Role Location: Peterborough

Role Description

The Nature Conservation Policy and Advice team is one of the newest in JNCC, and has begun life at one of the most exciting times in the history of working in the environmental sector.  Following the UK’s departure from the European Union, environmental policy and legislation is likely to change and evolve rapidly to meet the new demands of operating outside of the EU’s framework, both in domestic and international settings. Furthermore, since environmental matters are a devolved function, policy may become increasingly divergent across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


JNCC’s Nature Conservation Policy and Advice team operates at the heart of this activity, assisting the four countries of the UK realise their environmental ambitions, working bilaterally with each country on key policy areas, and with all four countries collectively where JNCC can be an effective co-ordinator and facilitator at the UK scale.  Increasingly UK Government is developing its ambition to be a global leader in the environment, and JNCC is a key player, providing evidence and policy advice to government departments, and in international environmental initiatives.

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