Over 70 organisations are currently members of CCF

CCF Membership

Our member organisations are based in and around Cambridge but work locally, nationally and internationally. We also have over 2,000 individual members.

How to join CCF

Organisational Membership 

This is open to:

  • any not-for-profit organisations and institutions, including governmental bodies and universities involved in conservation policy, practice and research
  • organisations that have a statutory requirement to protect the environment
  • for-profit organisations whose main objective is the promotion of biodiversity conservation

Groups within organisations, such as university departments or individual nature reserves, may be members in their own right. More than one department per organisation can be represented, each as a separate member, subject to agreement by the Council.

Organisational members must be from the wider Cambridge area. You can apply to be an organisational member by filling in this form.

You can find out more about our current members here.

Individual Membership 

This is open to anyone, anywhere, who has an interest in conservation research, policy or advice but who is not already a member via an organisation.

You can become an individual member simply by registering to receive our newsletter.

CCF groups

CCF members run several special interest groups. Any member is welcome to join these groups. You can find out more here.


Image credit: Copyright Natural England/Paul Lacey