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February 2021

Zero Carbon communities: Climate and environment fortnight

Commencing on Monday 22 February, South Cambs District Council will be marking Climate and environment fortnight 2021 with a series of webinars to help people think about how to live more sustainably, reduce carbon emissions and in turn help tackle climate change. Join us for a fortnight of events featuring guest speakers, activities, and information…

Event date: 22nd February 2021 12:00am

March 2021

Short Course on Water Quality Management & Monitoring – Cape Town, South Africa

Dr Wynand Volk in association with Esprit Skills Development and Training present a 4 day short course on Water care: Water Quality Management & Monitoring. Course Goal: Water is Life… Sanitation is Health. Safe drinking water for everyone is priority. When you conserve water, you conserve life, Industries must treat wastewater before releasing it Life…

Event date: 8th March 2021 9:00am

CCI Conservation Seminar: Remote Sensing of Blue Carbon Ecosystems – New Developments

We are joined this week by Dr Lola Fatoyinbo from NASA. Dr Fatoyinbo is a Research Physical Scientist in the Biospheric Sciences Lab at NASA GSFC where she studies forest ecology and ecosystem structure using active and passive remote sensing instruments. Her research interests include forest structure; biomass and carbon storage; land cover land use…

Event date: 10th March 2021 4:00pm

Natural Cambridgeshire Partnership Forum

You will hear the thinking about our natural environment of the candidates for Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, and of those creating the next Greater Cambridge local plan. There will also be talks by the area head of the Wildlife Trust on its work in the county, and one on one of Natural Cambridgeshire’s priority…

Event date: 16th March 2021 10:00am

The Climate: The Landscape: The Future – The Great Fen response to a changing climate

This is a special opportunity to hear directly from Brian and Kate about the impacts we are likely to experience with climate change, the species and habitats that may suffer and those that may thrive and how new initiatives on the Great Fen hope to shape the future of the Fens, locking down the peat soil and contributing to climate change mitigation.

Event date: 19th March 2021 7:00pm

CCI Conservation Seminar: Variation in the responses of aquatic communities to climate change

This week’s seminar will be presented by Dr Michelle Jackson from the University of Oxford. Dr Jackson’s research interest lies in understanding individual-to-ecosystem level responses to environmental change, including warming, invasion, pollution and habitat loss. She is particularly interested in interactions among these stressors, and how stressor effects cascade through food webs with implications for…

Event date: 24th March 2021 4:00pm

Earth Optimism

Back with more uplifting and inspiring stories, Earth Optimism returns for a series of online films, presentations, and Q&As with some of the world’s greatest thinkers to learn about the victories being won and alliances being formed in protecting the future of our planet. Join us for 10 days of content with inspiring Stories of Hope, featuring talks from…

Event date: 26th March 2021 12:00am

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