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November 2021

CCI Conservation seminar: Community ecology – Pure fun and practical too! – Prof Jane Memmott

Prof Memmott, of the University of Bristol, explains: “In this talk I will focus on three projects which have a community level approach, and use the latest approaches from pure ecology, but which have considerable applied outputs too.  In brief, the three projects ask about: 1) the impact of fertilisers on biodiversity; 2) whether landscapes…

Event date: 3rd November 2021 4:00pm

Transforming Lives through Nature, Sound & Vision

Come and join Froglife and partners as we explore a different approach to nature conservation through the arts and how we as individuals can benefit from the practice. This is an online only event. Tickets for this seminar are absolutely free, but you must register so a Zoom link can be sent to you beforehand,…

Event date: 17th November 2021 1:30pm

CCI Conservation seminar: Celebrating CCI alumni

This week we hear from three alumni of CCI training programmes about their recent work. Dr Josie Chambers – Wageningen University & Research Co-productive agility for sustainability transformations  Co-production, the collaborative weaving of research and practice by diverse societal actors, is argued to play an important role in sustainability transformations. Yet, there is still poor…

Event date: 17th November 2021 4:00pm

Trade, Biodiversity and Climate Change

The final webinar in a series from TradeHub Are you looking for the answers as to how global trade flows interact with biodiversity? We are pleased to invite you to the new monthly webinar series ‘Trade and Nature: Trade-offs and Solutions’ by the GCRF Trade, Development and the Environment Hub. The GCRF TRADE Hub (launched…

Event date: 23rd November 2021 1:00pm

December 2021

CCI Conservation seminar: Ending bottom trawling, for seahorses and the seas – Prof Amanda Vincent

Prof Vincent from the University of British Columbia will explain why we need to end bottom trawl fishing in the ocean, using a lens of research, management and policy.  Our voyage begins with seahorse conservation and ends with a determination to stop this most destructive of fishing practices globally.  We have conducted innovative research on…

Event date: 1st December 2021 4:00pm

CCI Conservation seminar: The social costs of keystone species collapse: Evidence from the decline of vultures in India – Dr Eyal Frank

When the patent for a painkiller expired in 1993, cheap generic versions were introduced to the market across the Indian subcontinent and were quickly adopted by livestock farmers. While this benefited livestock agriculture, it unintentionally led to a massive decline in vulture populations that fed on cattle carrion that contained residue of the painkiller. Because vultures…

Event date: 9th December 2021 4:00pm

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