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December 2021

CCI Conservation seminar: Ending bottom trawling, for seahorses and the seas – Prof Amanda Vincent

Prof Vincent from the University of British Columbia will explain why we need to end bottom trawl fishing in the ocean, using a lens of research, management and policy.  Our voyage begins with seahorse conservation and ends with a determination to stop this most destructive of fishing practices globally.  We have conducted innovative research on…

Event date: 1st December 2021 4:00pm

A free city-wide celebration of creativity, community and the natural world Saturday 27th November at Wandlebury Country Park, 10am – 3pm Sunday 5th December on Christ’s Pieces (Cambridge), 10am – 3pm Forest of Imagination is a celebration of creativity and the environment, brought to you at a time when there is mounting evidence that being creative and spending…

Event date: 5th December 2021 10:00am

CCI Conservation seminar: The social costs of keystone species collapse: Evidence from the decline of vultures in India – Dr Eyal Frank

When the patent for a painkiller expired in 1993, cheap generic versions were introduced to the market across the Indian subcontinent and were quickly adopted by livestock farmers. While this benefited livestock agriculture, it unintentionally led to a massive decline in vulture populations that fed on cattle carrion that contained residue of the painkiller. Because vultures…

Event date: 9th December 2021 4:00pm

25+ years of amazing wildlife in and around Cambridge (without really trying…)

Iain Webb has been very lucky to have volunteered, and subsequently worked, for the Trust since graduating and returning to Cambridge in 1995. In that time he has seen/discovered many amazing wildlife spectacles, all within Cambridgeshire. During his talk he will share some of these amazing spectacles (with pictures!) but will also give his secret…

Event date: 13th December 2021 7:00pm

Natural Cambridgeshire Partnership forum meeting & AGM

The quarterly forum, with AGM. Register via Eventbrite- see link below – and joining details will be sent before meeting. Agenda: COP26 and the path to net zero, Sion McGeever (DEFRA) Report of the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Climate Commission, John Shropshire (Commissioner) Land use in Cambridgeshire, Dame Fiona Reynolds and Alice Midmer (Food, Farming &…

Event date: 14th December 2021 10:00am

January 2022

Amphibian Identification and Ecology Talk

Join Froglife and host ‘London T.O.A.D’ Project manager Emily Millhouse for this exciting talk. Please visit here to buy tickets:  

Event date: 11th January 2022 7:00pm

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