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June 2021

FairWild Week Webinar: ‘Wild Plants are Our Business’

Join the webinar co-organized by TRAFFIC, the FairWild Foundation, and the American Botanical Council’s Sustainable Herbs Program to kick off FairWild Week 2021 with a practical discussion on why wild plants are everyone’s business. From shea butter to liquorice, we’ll discuss specific examples of responsible sourcing challenges and opportunities, emphasizing how important wild plants are…

Event date: 21st June 2021 3:00pm

CCI Conservation seminar: Natural regeneration of tropical forests: a cost-effective nature-based solution for conservation and restoration

This week’s conservation seminar is presented by Prof Robin Chazdon from the University of the Sunshine Coast. “Under suitable conditions, tropical forests can regenerate on their own or with some types of assistance, greatly reducing costs of restoration interventions. Assisting the regeneration of tropical forests is a key nature-based solution to halt and reverse biodiversity…

Event date: 30th June 2021 4:00pm

July 2021

CCI Conservation Seminar: Unifying the conservation of wild and agrobiodiversity

This week’s Cambridge Conservation Initiative Seminar will be presented by Dr James Borrell from Kew “Efficient and sustainable agriculture is crucial for human wellbeing, but agrobiodiversity is declining in unison with wild biodiversity. Of more than 30,000 plants with documented human uses, over 50% of plant derived calories now come from just three species. Homogeneous…

Event date: 14th July 2021 4:00pm

Cornwall: changing the scene for pollinators and people

Juliet Osborne, Professor of Applied Ecology at the University of Exeter, will describe her team’s work in Cornwall to put pollinator conservation into practice and change the landscape from a green desert to one with bountiful nectar and pollen resources. Full details here:

Event date: 14th July 2021 7:00pm

Wild honeybees

Wild honey bees are living in the environment all around us without any input from beekeepers. Following on from his articles in the Natural Bee Husbandry journal and BBKA News, Daniel du Gard will be explaining about the wild bees living on the nature reserve he manages; about how wild colony sites can be discovered and…

Event date: 28th July 2021 7:00pm

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