What works? Evidence informing conservation delivery

8th March 2022 9:00am

Event Details

Start Date: 8th March 2022 9:00am

Venue: Robinson College and on-line

Event Description

Natural England aims to deliver thriving nature and build partnerships for nature’s recovery. To do this as effectively as possible, we need to use science and evidence to inform our actions, decisions and delivery.  Natural England’s Science, Evidence and Evaluation Strategy sets out how Natural England is moving from being evidence based to evidence led – in other words, using evidence up front to inform our options and priorities, direct our decisions, and shape our delivery.  In this conference, we will look at the best newly available evidence using innovative methods to inform and update our conservation practice.  This will include insights from natural science, social science and economics and will set out new approaches, methods and information for use by all of Natural England, and our partners, to enable us to get better outcomes for people and nature.

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