The framing of farming: Regenerative agriculture

10th June 2021 1:00pm

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Start Date: 10th June 2021 1:00pm

Venue: Online

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Ken Giller (Wageningen University and Honorary Senior Research Fellow, WCMC) will deliver a talk on regenerative agriculture.

‘Agriculture is in crisis. Soil health is collapsing. Biodiversity faces the sixth mass extinction. Crop yields are plateauing. Against this crisis narrative swells a clarion call for Regenerative Agriculture.  Regenerative Agriculture is being promoted strongly by civil society and NGOs as well as by many of the major multi-national food companies. But what is Regenerative Agriculture, and why is it gaining such prominence? Which problems does it solve, and how? In this seminar I will address these issues and open a discussion as to whether Regenerative Agriculture represents a re-framing of what have been considered to be two contrasting approaches to agricultural futures, namely agroecology and sustainable intensification, under the same banner.  Join us to discuss whether this is more likely to confuse than to clarify the public debate and how best we can contribute to reshaping our food systems in future.’


For further background see:

“Regenerative Agriculture: An agronomic perspective” available at

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