State of the World’s Plants and Fungi Virtual Symposium (Kew)

13th October 2020 12:00am

Event Details

Start Date: 13th October 2020 12:00am

Venue: Virtual

Event Description

In conjunction with the publication of a groundbreaking report, scientists, policymakers, businesses, NGOs, the public and media will come together online for the State of the World’s Plants and Fungi Virtual Symposium. This on-line worldwide webinar will be held over three days.

Plants and fungi are the building blocks of our planet, with the potential to solve urgent problems that threaten human life. These vital resources, however, are being compromised by biodiversity loss and now, more than ever, we need to explore the solutions that plants and fungi could provide.

In September 2020 Kew will be publishing, in collaboration with international researchers, the very first State of the World’s report that combines both plants and fungi. The report takes a deep dive into how we currently use plants and fungi, what we are missing and what we are at threat from losing.

This online symposium brings together experts to discuss findings presented in the report and to motivate actions for protecting and sustainably using the world’s plant and fungal diversity. The outcomes of the discussions will be used to inform policies and research aimed at exploring and sharing knowledge and benefits associated with plants and fungi around the world.

By holding it online, we’re able to bring together even more people globally – representing a diverse range of skills, experience and ethnic backgrounds. Through our virtual platform’s live text chat and face-to-face video conferencing facilities, delegates will be able to network, contribute to the debate, present their results and spark new collaborations.

Standard Tickets will be £10 include access to all live sessions and recordings, virtual posters, networking discussions, virtual tours and more. For more information, please visit the symposium website

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