Short Course on Water Quality Management & Monitoring – Cape Town, South Africa

8th March 2021 9:00am

Event Details

Start Date: 8th March 2021 9:00am

Venue: Pak Inn by Radisson - Cape Town, South Africa

Event Description

Dr Wynand Volk in association with Esprit Skills Development and Training present a 4 day short course on Water care: Water Quality Management & Monitoring.

Course Goal: Water is Life… Sanitation is Health. Safe drinking water for everyone is priority. When you conserve water, you conserve life, Industries must treat wastewater before releasing it Life depends on water, the reservoir depends on you. Clean water uplift human dignity and quality of Life.


Delegates will walk away with knowledge on how to identify pollution in an early stage, react appropriately to water pollution, understand aquatic ecosystems and limit exposure.

The following module will be discussed as part of the course”

With researchers noting that little is known about how long the novel coronavirus survives in water, poorly planned burials could result in the virus or other pathogens passing into water supplies. Some viruses — like polio — can move through soil and groundwater, and it’s possible the novel coronavirus could do the same.

We will be discussing building cemeteries away from human settlements to erecting fences around graves, plans to protect the country’s water supply from contamination if mass coronavirus burials become a necessity.

The number of delegates to this courses are limited and accepted on first book/paid principle. Seating will be limited, therefore confirmation will only be guaranteed once the registration form has been acknowledged by Esprit Skills Development and Training.

Each delegate will receive a certificate which is framed, a corporate gift, a master class manual and CD that covers the topics of the course.


Who should attend:


This course is of value for Permanent Secretaries, Directors General, Environmental Experts, Sponsorship Institutions and Water Board Members who are promoting green economies in their respective spheres and promoting water wise activities in the mining, urban, rural safety and disaster management.

It is critical to understand the optimal use of equipment, its availability and its practical application in the industry to ensure optimal utilization.  Part of the strategy will require the implementation of effective treatment processes to combat negative effects when combining ground water and rivers and also when treating effluent water from users


Water Plant Superintendents, Water Plant Purification Staff, Artisans, Water Foremen, Ground Water Management, Waste Water Treatment Staff, Risk Managers, Finance Managers, Project Managers, HR Managers, Training Managers, Safety Managers, Town Planners, Plumbing Staff, Managers in the Treatment function and Monitoring/ Evaluation staff in Water Management.

If you would like to reserve space for this event, please complete the registration form attached to the course details and return it by email to or

Course Water Quality Management & Monitoring March & April 2021 Cape Town South Africa