REAP 2020- Ditch The Plough, Increase Diversity, Grow Cover Crops

10th November 2020 9:00am

Event Details

Start Date: 10th November 2020 9:00am

Venue: Virtual

Event Description

The REAP 2020 Agri-tech East event will go ahead virtually, even as most ag-events are being cancelled this year. Learning from the success of Cereals, the REAP 2020 conference is built on lively virtual discussion – to tackle the key points on carbon capture, ecosystem restoration and the role of agri-tech today.

The theme this year will be Ditch The Plough, Increase Diversity, Grow Cover Crops – Three Achievable Steps Towards ‘Net Zero’?

Agri-tech offers ‘soil up’ approach to restoring environmental balance and farm incomes  Small changes can have big impacts – it is interactions on a microbial scale in soils that drive the carbon cycle and impact climate change. So, advances offered by agri-tech to improve soil health could increase productivity, expand carbon storage and enhance biodiversity across the 72% of land in the UK that is cultivated and also provide new revenue streams for farmers.

Four speakers on theme will be

  • Dr Belinda Clarke (NIAB/CSC),
  • Prof David Montgomery (author on global soil health)
  • Professor Jane Rickson (Cranfield University Soil and Agrifood Institute, and TAA member)
  • Stuart Hill (Head of Technology & Innovation at Hutchinsons Ltd).

Times 09.00-17.00 GMT. Find out more on the website and read the Press Release

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Click here to book. There is a charge for attending this virtual event.