Fens Biosphere Conference

13th January 2021 9:00am

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Start Date: 13th January 2021 9:00am

Venue: Online

Event Description

Fens Biosphere Conference 2021
Big Skies, Big Vision

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Registration is now open for the virtual Fens Biosphere Conference 2021.

What is a Biosphere?
A Biosphere is a special status awarded by UNESCO to a unique and valuable landscape. Biospheres connect people, economies and nature to create a secure future we can all look forward to. They are about developing new ways of living, exploring new ideas and working together.

The Fens Biosphere Partnership is working together to achieve this special status for the Fens. We believe the Fens provide a unique and valuable landscape that is worthy of this status and deserves to be celebrated. For further information please visit the Fens Biosphere website

About this event
You may have already heard about the Fens Biosphere or you may never have heard about the development of a Biosphere for the Fens before . Either way, this Conference has something to offer you and you are receiving this invite because you live and/or work in the prospective Biosphere area. 

We are hosting this event to raise awareness of the potential UNESCO Fens Biosphere designation with those living and working in the proposed Biosphere area. For us, this is an opportunity to obtain a wide range of local viewpoints, expertise and experience to help us create a balanced design for the Fens Biosphere that reflects the need and ambitions of local people.

You can expect a day packed with useful content such as presentations, discussions, workshop sessions and information downloads.

The programme
The draft programme for the day is available to download here. The conference will be launched by Dame Fiona Reynolds, Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge and former Director-General of the National Trust. Dame Fiona is an ambassador for the Fens Biosphere and will talk about her vision for the area. A series of presentations will follow to explain what a Biosphere is, to introduce the Fens Biosphere and to look at the potential benefits it might bring to the area. The morning will conclude with an interactive discussion session, where our expert panel will field questions from the audience and this promises to be a lively session.

In the afternoon, attendees can opt to attend one of four workshops aimed at exploring why a Biosphere is a good idea. The workshops will focus on: Water; Food & Farming; Wildlife, Green Space & Well-being; and Culture, Identity & Visitor Economy. All workshops will feature expert speakers, video case studies and plenty of opportunity for questions and answers.

In addition, there will be an online networking lounge where you can drop in and chat online with other delegates and an exhibition hall of online booths to visit. We’ve brought together a number of organisations who work in this field to showcase what they do. With the use of technology, you’ll be able to chat to their representatives, pick up leaflets and information and interact almost as if you were meeting them face to face.

The Conference promises to offer a new experience for most and we encourage you to sign-up early, as demand for places is expected to be high.

Who should attend?
This event will be useful to:

  • Councillors and Clerks from local councils;
  • District and County Councillors;
  • Local community groups interested in sustainability, climate change or the environment
  • Anyone working in the fields of water management, food & farming; wildlife, green space & well-being management; or the cultural & visitor economy; and
  • Anyone connected with Biospheres throughout the United Kingdom or across the world.

What will I need to join the day?
If you have been taking part in remote meetings via Zoom or Teams over the last months then you will find you are well set-up to join the Conference. You will need a broadband connection and a suitable device to receive the content such as a computer (desktop or laptop), tablet or smartphone. You will need to be able to receive sound so you can hear presentations and videos. A webcam will be useful if you wish to take part in video chat opportunities during the day but this is not necessary for the majority of the conference activities.

All the Conference content will remain accessible for 30 days after the event so, even if you are unable to join us on the day, if you are interested in leaning more, you should still register as an attendee and then you will be able to watch on demand in your own time at a time to suit you.

How to register
To register, please go to https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/fb2021/ and enter your details by Monday 4 January 2021. On this date, all registered delegates will be uploaded onto the Conference platform and sent further instructions and our guide to taking part.

Who is organising this conference?
This event is being organised by Cambridgeshire ACRE on behalf of the Fens Biosphere Partnership. Any enquiries should be addressed to Rachael Brown at Cambridgeshire ACRE on 01353 865037 or rachael.brown@cambsacre.org.uk.