CIEEM Introduction to Nature Conservation Legislation in the UK

9th December 2020 9:00am

Event Details

Start Date: 9th December 2020 9:00am

Venue: Online

Event Description

Having failed to meet most of its Aichi Biodiversity Targets under the Convention on Biological Diversity and with the global imperative to address climate change, there is a clear need for the UK to enable effective nature conservation by responding to these drivers. Underpinned by Brexit, this is therefore a significant period for conservation policy change in the UK with a number of key developments currently underway.

In order to understand the changing landscape, this course provides an introductory level review of nature conservation legislation, looking at how the current framework translates to practical actions, and considering how effective it is in achieving its aims. Whilst taking a UK perspective, this particular course focusses specifically on England.

The course is aimed at participants from a range of backgrounds including those who might be new to the subject, or with limited knowledge of applying key legislative mechanisms, as well as those working in related fields who would benefit from a better understanding of nature conservation governance.

The course is designed as a series of engaging and interactive sessions that will endeavour to draw on the knowledge held within each cohort through ‘real-world’ decision-making based on the use of specific case studies.

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