CCI Conservation seminar: Will the Global Commons determine our future?

9th March 2022 4:00pm

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Start Date: 9th March 2022 4:00pm

Venue: Online

Event Description

Professor Johan Rockström joins us from the University of Potsdam for this week’s seminar. 

70 years into the Anthropocene, and we start seeing cracks in the biophysical resilience of the Earth system. The global commons – the large biophysical systems that we know contribute to regulate the state of the Earth system, are in many cases showing increasing signs of instability, which indicates that they are approaching tipping points. Crossing tipping points will lead to irreversible changes, generally amplifying global warming, with risks of triggering cascades of tipping elements crossing tipping points, which may push the Earth system along an unstoppable drift towards a Hothouse Earth state. Understanding these risks is a fundamental step in navigating our future on Earth in the Anthropocene.

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