CCI Conservation Seminar: How do we prevent further pandemics?

30th September 2020 4:00pm

Event Details

Start Date: 30th September 2020 4:00pm

Venue: Online

Event Description

The first of this term’s Conservation Seminars will be panel discussion focused on how to prevent pandemics. Chaired by Prof. Bill Sutherland, our panelists will be:

Dr. Silviu Petrovan: Silviu works in the Conservation Evidence group in the Department of Zoology, Cambridge, and led an option scanning project to identify possible means of reducing pandemic risks;

Dr. Amy Hinsley from the Zoology Department in University of Oxford who is an expert on the wildlife trade and will consider what responses may be appropriate and

Prof. Chris Walzer who is Executive Director Health, Global Conservation Program at the Wildlife Conservation Society in New York, and works on wildlife diseases.

Join us on Zoom: