CCI Conservation seminar: Global patterns of conservation action and inaction

12th January 2022 4:00pm

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Start Date: 12th January 2022 4:00pm

Venue: Online

Event Description

We are joined this week by Dr Rebecca Senior from Durham University.

With limited resources for conservation, it is essential to evaluate whether implemented strategies meet conservation goals. Generally, that is to prevent species extinctions. At a global scale, there has been limited assessment of what conservation actions are implemented for threatened species, and whether they work. We explored patterns of conservation action using data from the IUCN Red List, bolstered by other global conservation databases. Reassuringly, we discovered that the appropriate types of conservation action are, by-and-large, in place as needed for threatened species facing any of the three major drivers of biodiversity loss: habitat loss, overexploitation for international trade, and invasive species. However, species at greater risk of extinction are less likely to be documented as receiving the appropriate interventions, and there are clear taxonomic and geographic biases in implementation. Across our database, approximately one in every seven threatened species lacks any documented conservation action. To safeguard apparently neglected species, it is essential to identify where absence of action is real, and where it is an artefact of poor reporting. Comprehensive data are also essential to target conservation effort to where it is needed and where it works.

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