Can healthy ecosystems prevent future pandemics?

14th July 2020 11:00am

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Start Date: 14th July 2020 11:00am

Venue: Virtual

Event Description

The degradation of our natural environment and changing behaviours have increased the risk of disease “spillover” from animals to humans. Integrating the themes of global health (humans and animal), ecosystem resilience, biodiversity conservation, and food security, this online event will bring experts together to share their perspectives on how the risk of future pandemics can be reduced through a better understanding of the complex interactions between health and natural systems.


The session will be chaired by Professor Bhaskar Vira, Head of Department of Geography and Founder of the University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute.

Please join us for this fascinating debate when you will also have the opportunity to put forward your questions to our diverse panel of speakers.

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Can Healthy Ecosystems Prevent Future Pandemics