25+ years of amazing wildlife in and around Cambridge (without really trying…)

13th December 2021 7:00pm

Event Details

Start Date: 13th December 2021 7:00pm

Venue: Online

Event Description

Iain Webb has been very lucky to have volunteered, and subsequently worked, for the Trust since graduating and returning to Cambridge in 1995. In that time he has seen/discovered many amazing wildlife spectacles, all within Cambridgeshire. During his talk he will share some of these amazing spectacles (with pictures!) but will also give his secret on how he has seen/heard so much over the years! *Spoiler alert* – it is all about keeping your ears clear and your eyes peeled! Oh, and being outside a lot.

Booking and more details here: https://www.wildlifebcn.org/events/2021-12-13-25-years-amazing-wildlife-around-cambridge-without-really-trying