Cambridge Nature Network Proposal

27th May 2021

A proposal for a Cambridge Nature Network was launched earlier this month. The vision is for Cambridge to have significant areas of downland, fens, meadows and woodlands where nature can recover and thrive and to provide a systematic approach to bring about nature’s recovery in and around the City for the benefit of wildlife and those who live, work, study in and visit Cambridge.


The Nature Network is set out in a new report, prepared by the Wildlife Trust. It highlights the best opportunities to create new habitats and large-scale natural green spaces in five priority landscape areas around and through the city. The report can be accessed from


It is a local response to the global biodiversity crisis, where the UK is one of the most nature impoverished countries on the planet and Cambridgeshire one of the most nature depleted counties in the UK. It sets out how Cambridge can make its contribution to the ambition of doubling nature across Cambridgeshire.


The Nature Network is of sufficient scale to allow the process of nature recovery and will consist of parks, nature reserves and farm habitats linked by nature-friendly farmland, towns and villages. Based around remaining fragments of high-quality wildlife habitats, opportunities for enlarging and linking these have been identified by environmental charities, farmers and other landowners.