CCI Priority Area Seminars

16th April 2021

CCI welcome CCF members to the seminars introducing the priority areas for their Strategy 2021-2030, which are being held on Wednesday lunchtimes. Recordings of the first four seminars are available below; the link to join the final session on priority area 4 is as follows:

Priority Area 4: Growing the capacity and capability for global conservation Wed 28 April 12.30-13.30 BST via Zoom

Expressions of interest are also sought from the CCF organisational members in representing CCF on the project design teams for each area. For further details contact Julia Grosse:

The Jamboard which was used to gather ideas in the seminar for priority area 4 is still live and you can contribute to it here. Instructions for use are in the video for that seminar at 30m:40s into the presentation. There is also a PDF of the suggestions here