Fens Biosphere Consultation

2nd December 2020

Area Consultation  :  Help us put the Fens Biosphere on the map!

In order to achieve UNESCO Biosphere status, we have to identify the Fens Biosphere area and define outer boundaries that make sense to stakeholders and local communities.

The (current) draft geography for the candidate Fens Biosphere can be found in a series of maps. With this comes an explanation for the current outer boundary and what the area represents.

We now really want to hear from a wide range of stakeholders.

We would be grateful if you can spare 10-15 minutes and give us your thoughts about the proposed area for The Fens Biosphere before we present this to UNESCO.

Our short survey can be accessed from https://www.fensbiosphere.org.uk/get-involved/consultations/

The deadline for completing the survey is 31 January 2021. Thank you!