ARU Live Brief Initiative – looking for employers

18th August 2020

Anglia Ruskin University’s Live Brief Initiative.

Aims: to connect students directly with employers throughout their course.

Live Brief sessions give external businesses and organisations the opportunity to pose a challenge or task to our students, which they need to try and solve or complete.

The benefits are two-fold, 1) that external parties benefit from raising awareness about their product or service and that students may actually provide creative insight into solutions for companies, such as providing a new understanding about how products should be branded or pitched; 2) student benefit from engaging directly with future employers and gaining feed-back

This year we are introducing a Live Brief into our first-year Introduction to Ecology and Conservation students.  The module leader Dr Peter Brown has put together a simple brief (below) and is looking for any CCF partners who may be willing to engage and give feedback on students posters or infographics.  Though this would require several hours of input from partners, hopefully the benefits associated with promoting their organisation and the potential for recruiting volunteers might win some people over.


Introduction to Ecology and Conservation Live Brief 2020-21


As part of our Introduction to Ecology and Conservation module, we are seeking a partner who would be prepared to set a task based upon a vertebrate species of conservation interest in the UK which could be terrestrial or aquatic. The focus would be on introducing the species, its conservation status, distribution, changes over time, and key conservation issues affecting it.  The partner would be expected to review a poster presentation or infographic created by the students based upon the task set by you. The poster presentation or infographic are just examples and you may want to consider another type of ‘resource’ that can help your organisation with education/ community engagement. In the current climate, this does not necessarily have to be a classroom based task but could be arranged via a live link.


Please contact the ARU Live Brief Project Manager, Jill Andreanoff,  for more information.