Nature up close and personal

27th July 2020

During this period of lockdown, many of us have learned (or re-discovered) the importance of engaging with nature to our happiness and wellbeing. But how do different types of nature activities affect us? To help answer this question, join in with hundreds across Britain to take part in a new research project, ‘Nature up close and personal’.

‘Nature up close and personal: A wellbeing experiment’ is a collaboration between the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH), the University of Derby and the British Science Association (BSA). You’ll learn about some simple nature-based activities, get to experience nature up close and personal, and answer a few questions about your experiences. So, whether you’re a nature nerd or nature usually passes you by – this one’s for you!

All the activities are suitable for adults (or for families to do together), but we are asking only adults to take part in the survey on wellbeing. The project is open for the next 6 weeks, so anyone can join in at any time. People taking part will be asked to do a simple 10-minute nature-based activity five times over the week they take part, and let us know how it impacted them.

Take part here.


Together we can discover how our wellbeing is affected by noticing and connecting with nature.