Red List Revival Life on Land Awards

13th May 2020

Today sees the announcement of the 2019 Life on Land Awards by Redlist Revival. This up-and-coming charity focuses on involving people and organisations in sustaining life by providing accessible data and resources to help balance the needs of the earth and mankind.


By recognising individuals’ efforts to identify the abundance of globally important species which are fundamental to sustaining the earth’s resources, the awards highlight success in contrast to relentless national declines. The awards are designed to re-assure everybody that life can be sustained and that anyone in any community can make a difference.




  • Corn bunting – the Lovell family, Jacks Bush Farm, Hampshire
  • Curlew – the Orde-Powlett family, Bolton Castle, North Yorkshire
  • Lapwing – Gareth and Georgina Fulton, Elmley National Nature Reserve, Kent
  • Nightingale – Charlie Burrell and Isabella Tree, Knepp Estate, West Sussex
  • Tree sparrow – Nicholas Watts, Vine House Farm, Lincolnshire


Speaking today, Redlist Revival’s Chief Executive Edward Darling said: “Congratulations to the five sites achieving these levels of abundance, to the people that made it happen on the ground and to those who provided support.  We are delighted to celebrate their success and to promote their knowledge and experience so that more people can act on global issues.


This is a huge responsibility, and it’s everyone’s responsibility, where individual actions can make a world of difference as exemplified by our award-winners. They are helping us to build The Life Map’s resources strategically, species-by-species, county-by-county. And we are just as passionate about involving communities and organisations along the way.”


Redlist wants to map this activity across the whole of the UK. Over 1,190 km2 (119,000 hectares) of land with an interest in habitats and species have already been registered across England.

In 2019, 53 sites submitted data to The Life Map, collected by a standard method.  Many sites achieved top 1% for abundance of species, with 5 sites exceeding the national thresholds.

The latest Life on Land Awards recognise this dedication and exceptional performance. Redlist Revival recognises especially the Farming & Wildlife Advisory Groups that have been co-ordinating activities in Cambridgeshire and Gloucestershire, and the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust that has led activities in Hampshire.  All these organisations were instrumental in the testing the material.

You can read more about the winners here:2019 LIFE ON LAND AWARD WINNERS