Cam Valley Forum launch The River Cam Manifesto

1st April 2020

We are asking everyone to wake up to the fact that all is not well with our river.

For these reasons we address here the various councils and the planning authorities, the Water Companies, the Environment Agency, the farmers and landowners and all business and housing developers. We are very aware that the new combined Cambridgeshire County Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council’s next Local Plan is at a very formative stage of development.

The reality is that for too long we have not honoured our river sufficiently with protection or understood its real nature. The pressures of our current lifestyle, which is resource dependent, lacks an appreciation of natural systems and carries the strong probability that future infrastructure development will continue on the same lines. This should make us all fear for the future. Many factors are key to the problem (we list ten in depth) and they need to be better understood by every informed citizen.