CCF Project evaluation tool

28th April 2020

CCF Project evaluation tool

Use this to help you design and evaluate conservation projects. This provides a conceptual framework and easy to use scorecard developed by members of the CCF and published in Conservation Letters


    • This a conceptual framework and scorecard based on an easy to use Excel spreadsheet.
    • It was developed by the Cambridge Conservation Forum help to address common constraints to evaluating conservation success: unclear objectives, ineffective information management, the long time frames of conservation outcomes, scarcity of resources for evaluation, and lack of incentives for such evaluation.
    • For seven major categories of conservation activity, the CCF tools help clarify conservation objectives and provide a standardized framework that is a useful basis for managing information about project outcomes and existing conservation experience. By identifying key outcomes that can predict conservation success and can be assessed in relatively short time frames, they help to make more efficient use of scarce monitoring and evaluation resources.
    • This is fully described in the following paper: Kapos, V. et al. (2008). Calibrating conservation: new tools for measuring success. Conservation Letters, 1(4), pp.155-164.
    • An example of its application in evaluating 60 sample conservation activities is provided in Kapos, V, et al. (2009)  Outcomes, not implementation, predict conservation success. Oryx, 43(3), pp.336-342.

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