Become an EDGE Fellow

23rd May 2024

The call for applications is now OPEN

We are only receiving applications from Asia and the Pacific.


One of the most effective ways in which we work to secure the future of EDGE species is by strengthening, supporting, and diversifying conservation leadership. The EDGE Fellowship is a 28-month fellowship for local early-career conservationists from lower- and middle-income countries. We equip these emerging conservation leaders—EDGE Fellows—with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities required to advance their careers and spearhead effective conservation efforts for the world’s most unique and extraordinary species.


Each fellowship involves a comprehensive programme of support and professional development opportunities comprising:

  • Six weeks of training in person: A four-week Conservation Tools Course in the focal region and an advanced two-week Conservation Impact Course in the UK, plus access to additional online training;
  • A grant of at least £10,000 for project implementation: The opportunity to fully manage your own budget plus dedicated support to leverage additional funding; and
  • Continuous mentorship and access to training and coaching opportunities with ZSL and our partners: Wrap around mentorship and access to unique training and coaching opportunities with ZSL and our partners.


You may be eligible for an EDGE Fellowship if your work focuses on an EDGE species included on the 2024 curated list, you are an early career conservationist with less than ten years of paid experience, and you are a national of the country where the proposed focal species occurs.


  1. Application guidelines
  2. Application form
  3. Risk Assessment template
  4. Curated species list
  5. FAQ


Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss their projects with the EDGE team before applying, and we will be happy to provide feedback on draft applications submitted at least three weeks before the deadline.

Application deadline: 23:59 (BST) 7th July 2024

The application is now OPEN. A panel of experts will review all applications. Applicants will be informed of the decision in October 2024.