Cambridge Waste Water Treatment Plant Phase One Consultation Summary Report

26th November 2020

Anglian Water is proposing to relocate its Cambridge Waste Water Treatment Plant, to deliver a modern, carbon-efficient waste water treatment plant that will continue to provide vital services for the local community and the environment by recycling water and nutrients, and producing green energy, now and into the future.

The relocation project will also enable the city and surrounding areas to grow sustainably, unlocking the development potential of the existing site and its surrounding area, which has great walking, cycling and public transport links making it a highly sustainable location for new homes.

South Cambridgeshire District Council and Cambridge City Council recently consulted on a draft Area Action Plan for this part of North East Cambridge, which could create 8,000 homes and 20,000 jobs over the next 20 years in a new low-carbon city district. We are working in partnership with them to achieve this vision by unlocking the current waste water treatment plant site for redevelopment, which would help to deliver 5,600 of those new homes.

We recently held our Phase One consultation on early proposals for the relocation project, from 8 July to 14 September. We were pleased to receive a great level of feedback considering a wide range of issues, and are grateful for the thousands of comments from local residents and other stakeholders who took the time to engage with the process. Thank you in particular to those of you who provided your feedback to the consultation. We note that responses often raised a number of specific points, which are all being carefully considered by the project team. The comments received are hugely valuable to our site selection and early design processes for the project.

We have now published our Phase One consultation summary report (attached) which shares the feedback received, and explains how we’re using it to inform our site selection and design processes. The report is available to view and download on our project website (here), and is also being delivered by Royal Mail to the circa 14,500 homes and businesses within our core consultation zone. It is also attached below.

We are taking the time to carefully consider all responses before we conclude our site selection process. These responses together with environmental, planning, operational and programme assessments will help us to choose the best-performing site to take forward into our Phase Two consultation next year, and we will announce the selection of the chosen site when we conclude our selection process in late January 2021.

We will also report all feedback received during this consultation, and the further two phases to follow, in full in our final Consultation Report. This will be published with our application for a Development Consent Order (DCO), planned for 2022/23.

In the meantime, if you have any further questions about the summary of our Phase One consultation feedback before the announcement of the selected site early next year, then please get in touch with the project team using the details provided below.

Kind regards

The Cambridge Relocation Project Team

Cambridge Waste Water Treatment Plant Relocation Project

Information Line: 0808 196 1661


CWWTPR Phase One Consultation Summary Report