Synchronicity Earth

Synchronicity Earth is a UK-registered charity. It brings targeted funding to nature conservation by developing strategic programmes that conserve key overlooked and underfunded species and ecosystems. At the same time, it creatively explores our relationship to nature, focussing on biodiversity and highlighting what we can all do to help arrest and reverse the global decline of wildlife and wild places. The Synchronicity Earth approach involves:

  • Targeted Conservation Action: It focuses conservation funding and attention on regions and ecosystems where biodiversity is high, but under increasing threat.
  • Reinvigorating Conservation Funding: It identifies new sources of environmental funding, developing strategies that provide more flexible, long-term support to individuals and organisations achieving greatest impact.
  • Creative Connections: The natural world is our home and – wherever we are – we are connected to nature. What we do and how we live has impact. Through art and creative communication, Synchronicity Earth aims to inspire new audiences to celebrate and support nature’s flourishing diversity.