The CCF/CCI Management and Restoration Group (MARG) brings together site managers and others associated with habitat management to discuss solutions to conservation management interventions and restoration challenges and share good practice in the field. It meets once or twice a year, and organises site visits to a range of properties and landscapes.

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Banner image credit: Chippenham Fen, Copyright Natural England/Peter Wakely

Other images: Roger Mitchell

Meet the MARG Committee

Roger Mitchell

Roger is currently Chair and acting treasurer of CCF and a Board Member of Natural Cambridgeshire, on the Editorial Board of Conservation Evidence, and Vice-Chair of the Fens Biosphere Steering Group.

Bill Sutherland

Bill is currently the Miriam Rothschild Chair of Conservation Biology in the University of Cambridge Department of Zoology.  His research largely involves predicting the consequences of environmental change and he currently explores a range of ways of integrating conservation science and policy through the development of evidence-based conservation.