The Cambridge Conservation GIS Group was established to bring together conservation GIS professionals and people with an interest in conservation and GIS in and around the Cambridge geographic area. Other groups exist for national and international conservation GIS discussion (see links elsewhere on this page).

Cambridge is a hotspot of conservationists, technologists and data scientists, and this group provides a forum to build and strengthen the Cambridge conservation GIS community, providing a forum for learning, support and synergies.

The group’s objectives are to facilitate networking, share ideas and best practice, build capacity, provide technical support, form new collaborations, learn new tools and methodologies and provide an outlet for people who just love discussing spatial data and maps.

We plan activities through the year such as:

  • Mapathons

Open mapping parties digitising satellite images such as logging roads to aid conservation targeting in Sarawak through OpenStreetMap MapforEnvironment.

  • Lunchtime GIS chats

An opportunity for anyone to talk informally about their research, a recent paper or a relevant topic in conservation GIS.

  • GIS analysts anonymous

Open session for anyone to turn up, bring a GIS-related problem and seek solutions from the group.

If you’re interested in any of these activities or would like to organise one of your own, please get in touch.


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Join our google group:!forum/cambridgeconservationgis

Meet the GIS Committee

Thom Starnes

Thomas works on identifying and mapping Key Biodiversity Areas for freshwater species globally with the IUCN. He has previously worked in conservation GIS roles with the RSPB, Amphibian and Reptile Conservation and Kew Gardens. He is a Charter Member of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation and also managed the WILDLABS.NET GIS Group. In his spare time he contributes to humanitarian relief mapping and explores and makes maps of caves.

Sam Gregory

Sam is based in Cambridge and works with the Fauna & Flora Analytics team, you can find him in the DAB. Typical work includes remote sensing, spatial analysis and data collection across FFI’s range of global conservation projects. Personal interests surrounding using drones as tools in conservation. 

Sam Gandhi

Cambridge-based geographer working on exciting environmental and geospatial projects, locally and globally. Sam works for Defra but also moonlights as The Jolly Geographer, raising the profile of geography as a tool for social (he hosts geography quizzes!) and professional good. He has recently worked with NGOs such as Blue Ventures and Wildlife Trust BCN.