Short report and photos of CCF's 15th Annual Symposium

Symposium Proceedings

If you weren't at CCF's 15th Annual Symposium last Thursday 9th January, you missed a very good day!  We were booked to capacity so, unfortunately, we were not able to accept bookings from a few who tried to register on the day before.  Over 80 attended, sharing conservation thinking and project news through presentations and networking with other CCF members; there was a real buzz!  There were ten excellent presentations on a variety of current conservation projects and issues and a panel of four senior conservation practitioners effectively and entertainingly tackled the contentious and topical question ‘Can offsetting really compensate for biodiversity loss?’.  The answer seemed to be 'Maybe in some circumstances as a very last resort, but proceed with extreme caution!'. At the interactive session on ‘Collaborative Conservation Solutions’, participants discussed invited questions from three NGOs and CCF, whilst having the chance to meet other CCF members one-to-one and in small groups. The questions posed focused on valuing re-generating forests in Peru; improving leopard habitat and leopard–farmer conflicts in Iran; re-introducing water purification using traditional medicinal plants in India; and addressing the current gender imbalance in leadership positions in conservation organisations.  There were also the usual, long refreshment breaks and a wine reception at the end of the afternoon, to provide space for networking and discussions throughout the day. As ever, CCF are very grateful to the Cambridge Conservation Initiative for hosting this event and to the Cambridge Judge Business School for use of their splendid facilities.

See photographs of the event by Peter Johnstone ( here and Roger Mitchell here

See the programme for the day and presentation slides at links below.

The next CCF Symposium will be the Summer Symposium on Wednesday June 25th at the Cambridge Judge Business School. The details will appear on this website and in the CCF Newsletter nearer the time.