CCF’s 19th Annual Symposium - 1 February 2018

Symposium Proceedings

CCF’s 19th Annual Symposium – 1 February 2018

Thursday 1 February saw our 19th Annual Symposium, which was, we hope you agree, a fantastic event that was well attended, and attracted a good number of early career conservationists too.


In total we had 12 presentations that showcased a variety of exciting work being done by a wide range of CCF members within the realms of conservation.  These talks spanned everything from the use of Artificial Intelligence to how king penguins continuously swim to the west and end up back where they started!  The Key Note lecture by Prof Jane Rickson of Cranfield University was a tour de force about ‘Soil as essential natural capital: overlooked and undervalued?’: she showed huge enthusiasm for demonstrating how we need to do more to conserve our soil to stop its degradation as we rely so heavily on it for everything from food production to our buildings.  Natural capital was an important feature in a few talks of the day, stressing the importance of what the natural world does for us and how we need to convey that message.  


Our breakout session on the English Government’s 25 Year Environmental Plan brought together everyone. We discussedits pros and cons and how CCF might contribute to its delivery through focussed meetings on relevant topics,coordinated conservation action at a local level, and the potential development of funding proposals for the CCI’s Collaborative Fund.


As ever, Angelika von Heimendahl of Cambridge On A Plate produced a supreme spread of food sourced locally.  Many thanks, Angelika, it was scrumptious!  


We would like to thank all the people who gave us such excellent and thought provoking presentations, and to those who made the time to come and be part of the symposium.





Many thanks to Stephanie Foote for the photography.