About us

CCF was established in 1998 with the aim of connecting the diverse community of conservation practitioners and researchers working at local, national and international levels based in and around Cambridge.  CCF seeks to develop new collaborations across people and organisations engaged in conservation relevant research, including within Cambridge’s large academic community, with those engaged in the practice of conservation – translating research results into changes in policy and practical interventions to make a positive impact for biodiversity conservation.

Cambridge Conservation Forum is an active network of over 60 conservation-related member organisations and institutions based in and around Cambridge and plays an important role as a founder member of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative. A special council meeting in 2009 and an interactive session at the 2010 Annual CCF Symposium developed a new CCF Vision document (see attachment below), which set out some of the ways CCF is hoping to develop.

 To consider development of CCF over the next five years, the CCF council organised a member-wide consultation to agree strategy for CCF’s further evolution, and to identify mechanisms to overcome any obstacles to achieving its vision and mission.  The results of this consultation are in the CCF Development Study Report below.  From this consultation process, the CCF Strategy 2013-2018 was developed.

CCF aims to:

  1. Foster contacts between people in different organisations.
  2. Broaden awareness of the exceptional pool of local expertise and activities.
  3. Encourage the development of joint initiatives aimed at tackling common problems.

Membership is open to not-for-profit organisations, and institutions, including governmental bodies, and universities involved in conservation policy, practice and research and for profit organisations whose main activity is biodiversity conservation. Individuals with an active interest in conservation research, policy or advice but who are not in a member organisation may become individual members of the Forum.