Science Festival/ International Women's Day request

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13 Nov 2019 - 15:30
CCF News

Over the past few years we have been trialling different ways of celebrating International Women’s Day in the Museum. This year we would like to try something a little different again, with new temporary interpretation highlighting the work of women in the department and CCI. This will be in the form of new labels relating to specimens in the Museum displays. If you think your work would fit with this, and it is something you would like to get involved with, please do let me know.


A few more details about the labels themselves:

  • A label is about 100 words in length
  • It would need to relate to what we have on display in the galleries (e.g. a particular species or group) to give it context
  • The text should be about your work rather than just being facts about the animal itself
  • As it is about highlighting the women doing the work, we would like to include your name and photograph
  • We would need to get all text and images together by mid-January to have to for design, proofing, printing and installation


To celebrate the launch of these labels, we are also planning to run a small event in the Museum – a series of talks in the Discovery Space on Saturday March 7th from 2-4pm. Talks would last about 20 minutes with time afterwards for questions. They would be for a general audience, and given the space we would hope to get an audience of around 30-40 people for each. We would like to get together the programme for these to promote through our website and social media early in 2020. If you would be interested in giving one of these talks as well, it would be wonderful to hear from you. You can contact the museum here:


The labels would be up for the duration of the Science Festival and through the school Easter Holidays, so most of March and April. This is a busy time of year in the Museum, so we are expecting several thousand visitors through the galleries, so lots of people to engage with your work!