University of Cambridge: Department of Zoology

The Department of Zoology at the University of Cambridge is a founding member of the CCF. Zoology is a large, multi-disciplinary Department, currently numbering about 100 research staff and about 80 PhD students. The Department has a strong and growing interest in conservation. Its Conservation Science Group has around 15 members and has strong links with the RSPB, BirdLife International, the Institute of Zoology, UNEP-WCMC, WWF, and the World Bank, among others. The Aquatic Ecology Group works in the UK, China and elsewhere on the conservation impacts of river and lake management, the use of bivalves in freshwater restoration, and the control of invasive molluscs. Other members of the Department are also active in conservation-related research. The Department set up and hosts the annual Student Conference in Conservation Science which has already built linkages between more than 800 young conservationists from over 80 countries. The Department hosts the Tropical Biology Association, and has a research partnership with the Institute of Zoology, the research arm of the Zoological society of London.