BirdLife International

BirdLife International is the world’s largest nature conservation Partnership. From large countries like the United States and Brazil to small, remote Pacific island states, the BirdLife Partnership has 2.7 million active members, 10 million supporters, 7,000 staff, and 250,000 volunteers around the world.

Each of the 116 Partners is an independent non-governmental organization or NGO. BirdLife Partners work together in a collaborative, coordinated fashion across national boundaries to build a global Partnership of national conservation organizations. The BirdLife partnership has 6 Regional BirdLife Coordination Offices throughout the world and a Global Office in Cambridge, UK – together known as “The BirdLife International Secretariat”. The Secretariat co-ordinate and facilitate the BirdLife International strategies, programmes and policies.

Together, BirdLife Partners large and small have had a tremendous positive impact on the environment of their countries and the world. More than half of the Partners are dynamic organizations in developing economies where efforts to conserve nature are most needed. Science-driven Scientific rigor, innovative methodologies, and the depth and breadth of our vast scientific databases, underpin our conservation action.

BidLife is recognised throughout the world as a leader in conservation and the acknowledged authority on the world’s birds and bird conservation. BirdLife International is solely responsible for compiling the world’s official Red List of bird species threatened with extinction. Our work on birds tells us so much about the state, pressures and responses needed to conserve all nature. The Partnership strongly believes that working with local communities and local empowerment are the foundations for lasting, high impact nature conservation.

BirdLife Partners are very well-positioned to engage with local communities in their countries. The BirdLife Partnership is able to deliver extremely effective conservation action at a very low cost because of our structure and approach. With millions of qualified and passionate volunteer members throughout the world, the Partnership has access to a dedicated and knowledgeable workforce . In addition, the Partnership’s coordinated efforts and sharing of best practices and experience contributes to this high effectiveness and efficiency.