In Summary, beeWatch allows any pesticide user (not just farmers) to instantly and anonymously notify local beekeepers of any upcoming pesticide treatments. They do this using the beeWatch app and takes less than 10 seconds. This alert then instantly reaches all local beekeepers and appears on their map, they can then close their hives to minimise exposure.


The second aspect allows any beeWatch user to send instant swarm alerts to all local swarm collectors who can then come and collect the bees - without needing a pest controller to kill them.


The system we have will provide some very useful 'big' data. Beekeepers can provide real time data of colony losses and of swarms collected. We will have data on regions where most pesticides are being used and can see if this matches areas of most colony losses and least swarms collected for example.


We are going to be launching the system in Oxfordshire in March for the start of the spraying season and would like to arrange a meeting with intersted people to show the system, the app and how it all works. 


Louis Bennet


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