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The idea for CCF to concertedly engage with students emerged from our members at the interactive session at the Annual Symposium in 2013 and was endorsed at the CCF Council Meeting in January 2013. Cambridge is home to two universities and many passionate conservation-minded students who have, in the past, been unaware that Cambridge holds the highest concentration of conservation organisations in the world. The student group was established to realise the mutual potential for linking students with this hub of conservationists.


The purpose of the student group is to harness, support, collate and disseminate conservation engagement between students and CCF members. The group aims to:

  • Connect undergraduate students with graduate students, researchers and conservation organisations through CCF activities
  • Connect students through raising awareness of student initiatives, social events happening across Cambridge
  • Inform students about conservation initiatives, volunteering, internship and mentoring opportunities in Cambridge
  • Provide an opportunity for students to get involved in and contribute to the running of CCF activities



Graduate conservation research in Cambridge

Conservation careers resources for students

Volunteering/internship opportunities for students  

  • Volunteer Intern, Conservation Evidence, Cambridge We are looking for a volunteer intern to carry out data entry and summary for the Conservation Evidence group (  The volunteer will be based within the Conservation Science Group, University of Cambridge for a period of approximately four weeks (hours can be negotiated).  This internship would probably suit a graduate with a good understanding of conservation science.  Ideally the start date would be early in the New Year.  The work could lead to co-authorship on a paper in the Conservation Evidence Journal.  Travel and lunch costs would be offered. Apply with CV to Rebecca Smith (rks25@zoo. by 6th January.

Initiatives for students to join

  • Anglia Ruskin Univeristy Wildlife Society –
  • Cambridge Hub - is transforming students' involvement with social and environmental challenges in Cambridge and around the world.
  • Cambridge Roots and Shoots– a platform for students to execute projects that implement positive change through caring for the environment,  demonstrate care and concern for all animals, enhance understanding and care for humanity
  • CUECS (Environmental Consulting Society) a voluntary organisation of graduates and undergraduates helping organisations and individuals to alter their practices in cost-effective, efficient and environmentally sound ways
  •  CUSU Ethical Affairs – Student switch off, go greener, green impacts, facilitating communication between green officers, socially responsible investment
  • Energise Cambridge– Enabling the University of Cambridge to seriously commit to ambitious and effective carbon reduction targets and take strategic action to achieve these.
  •  GreenBRIDGE  - interdisciplinary society of graduate researchers at the University of Cambridge aiming to provide a platform for discussion of ecological, social, cultural, technological and economic issues which affect the built environment.
  • National Trust Society – Student society running talks, fun days out and volunteering opportunities with the National Trust.
  • Nature Society - The Society’s aims shall be to promote nature, biodiversity and conservation.
  • Zero Carbon Society – Promotes discussion and action that will facilitate the transition to a zero carbon economy, both on local and national levels
  • Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (Anglia Ruskin University) a global coalition of businesses and business schools working at the cutting edge of sustainability and leadership development focussed on creating a new generation of globally responsible business leaders.
  • Greenzine (facilitated through Cambridge Hub)   An online, environmentally-focused publication created by Cambridge University students, offering insights into local, national and international environmental news and engaging in organic debate.
  • Edible Garden Project–  A new community initiative that has transforms unused land into green spaces for education, entertainment, and edibles! The Garden is run by and for volunteers and is open to anyone in Cambridge
  • Anglia Ruskin University Greenpeace Society  - bringing Greenpeace to Cambridge!


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